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Jon Day / Exhibit B
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Francine (Alma, QC) - December 27th, 2017 Saw you perform in Lac St-Jean. You are beautifully talented Jon. I want more...
Hélène (Montreal, QC) - August 16th, 2014 Bonjour Jon. J'ai assisté à une prestation à Montréal et j'ai ton cd. J'aimerais te revoir en spectacle... ou écouter tes compositions... ta musique, tes arrangements et ta voix...
Ginette (Montreal, QC) - July 13th, 2014 J'ai votre CD. J'ai vu votre spectacle à Lavaltrie, il y a quelques années,MERVEILLEUX. Connaissez-vous Boby Basini???????????
barb (Montreal, QC) - April 2nd, 2014 amazing performance at the corona tonight! short but so sweeeeet.
Jamie O (San Francisco, CA) - February 1st, 2014 Jon, I just found this track. I love it. Hugs :)
josee (New York, NY) - December 3rd, 2013 I received my vinyl today it is soooo amazing all I can say is this is art at its best. and that was the speediest shipping from Canada EVER! thanks!
ken (Halifax, NS) - November 26th, 2013 Absolutely killer music. THANK YOU.
andrei (Thornhill, ON) - May 5th, 2013 Hey Jon, I'm a house producer from Montreal and would love to do a house remix of your track Pity. If you're cool with that could you send me the vocal stems?


Andrei aka The Blue Elephant (look me up on youtube if you want to get a sense of my music)
Isa (Outremont, QC) - November 30th, 2012 Looking forward to tonight's show @ Resonance!
roger (Trois-rivières, QC) - November 30th, 2012 dis nous quand sera ton prochain spectacle dans une ville bientôt. Roger
Will (Montreal, QC) - November 28th, 2012 looking forward to your show on friday. it will be my first time :)
Rejean (Montréal) (Montreal, QC) - November 4th, 2012 Jon, ce fut un vrai plaisir de t'entendre ce vendredi en ouverture du spectacle de Coral. Je me trouve chanceux de profiter de ces collaborations entre des auteurs-compositeurs-musiciens de Montréal qui nous transmettent un si belle énergie. Bravo.
Hélène (Montreal, QC) - November 4th, 2012 Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir entendu Jon Day vendredi soir. Merci à Coral d'avoir permis cette rencontre, la soirée a été spécialement génial. Bravo
Jasmine (Montreal, QC) - November 3rd, 2012 BEST. SHOW. EVER. Your performance last night was one of the most creative live performance I have ever experienced. What an original sound.
Anne (Longueuil, QC) - October 30th, 2012 Ditto what christina said, plus it looks like Coral is quite the talent herself. Can't wait!
christina (Montreal, QC) - October 29th, 2012 wow. jon day. what an unbelievable talent. i'm totally coming to see you play on friday.
NaomiDesiderius (Canada) - August 14th, 2012 I have written 11 chapters of my latest book just to this song, yes.
A. (Richmond, QC) - April 22nd, 2012 OMG you were amazing last night lovin the album too félicitations
Fanny Rheault (Repentigny, QC) - March 4th, 2012 On s'ennuie grandement de Jon Day et de ses musiciens depuis le mois de septembre à la Chasse-Galerie! On attend avec impatience un show à Montréal et ses environs. Toujours une belle soirée de magie!
Pascal (Montreal, QC) - March 3rd, 2012 Great show last night in Waterloo. Amazing!
natalie (Waterloo, QC) - March 3rd, 2012 INCROYABLE merci!
f. (Longueil, QC) - January 24th, 2012 cool! new dates posted... when will be the next album? 2012 I hope... such good music
Manuel (Toronto, ON) - September 27th, 2011 Absolutely the best group of the year! saw you @Montreal Jazz Fest + bought your viny = Goosebumps! We need you in Toronto, and yes, like everyone else, I'm thirsty for the next album!
Valéry (Beloeil, QC) - September 17th, 2011 Thanks again to you guys for the wonderful show! Well worth the bumpy ride (!) from the south shore. ;o) see you soon...
Michael (Toronto, ON) - August 8th, 2011 I just bought Exhibit B, Its going to take me 30 minutes because I like my WAV Files :D Come to Toronto! or the GTA (greater toronto area)!!!
Kurt Sampson (Toronto, ON) - July 24th, 2011 Keep up the great work Jon!
no haircuts (Berlin, Germany) - July 14th, 2011 hey jon! can you give those of us who didnt get to see you in BC or Quebec an update?! any video or audio or reviews you can share? would be great.
thechimps (Vancouver, BC) - July 13th, 2011 insane. inspiring. incredible.
rebeccius (Montreal, QC) - June 29th, 2011 Stunning!
Anastasia (Ottawa, ON) - June 28th, 2011 Amazing Montreal Jazz Fest performance! Would love to see you in Ottawa.
Sundawncer (San Diego, CA) - June 28th, 2011 Super Amazing!!
Daniel (Thornhill, ON) - June 26th, 2011 Saw Jon and his crew play the Montreal Jazz fest yesterday and it was mind blowing stuff! Morgan on bass and Mark on drums played immaculately and had a fun time doing so and Jon must have sold his soul to play like he does. I think they only played 2 songs in 4/4 timing and the rest kept me guessing for the first 30 seconds of each song. I'm strongly debating going back tonight for the second show. This was a steal at 18.50$ a ticket.
Michael (Toronto, ON) - June 25th, 2011 Don't forget to come down to the GTA! :D
ainsley (Montreal, QC) - June 22nd, 2011 so excited for my first Jon Day show at the jazz fest this weekend wohoooo!
Jane Marr (Vancouver, BC) - June 17th, 2011 I have waited so long to hear you live.
You three were SO solid. Bass, drums; well! it just doesn't get any better. You can play anywhere in the world and be so well received.
Letterman next, please.
Kari (Vancouver, BC) - June 16th, 2011 Excellent concert, every time I hear Pity...It stays with me for hours...Good things will come for you!!!!
cwg (Vancouver, BC) - June 16th, 2011 GREAT night- Good job Jon Day TRIO. Just saw you in the little Vancouver Hall knowing you won't be doing small gigs like this next year. Special stuff- special man. Breakaleg
Scotti (Vancouver, BC) - June 16th, 2011 I can't say anything original, but wanted to let you know anyway what a fantastic 90 minutes the Jon Day Trio gave its Vancouver audience at the Wise Hall. You are headed for big things!
Jo Ysteboe (Surrey, BC) - June 16th, 2011 Magical! I love this song!
Lynn & Bill (Nanaimo, BC) - June 15th, 2011 Enjoyed your amazing concert in Errington. Great talent and wonderful entertainer. Personality, wit & humour was outstanding. Wishing you continued success on your tour.
Jim Baxter (New Westminster, BC) - June 15th, 2011 your talent remains unmistakable Jon.
Karin Plato (Vancouver, BC) - June 14th, 2011 I am really excited about Jon Day's show this coming Thursday @ The Wise Hall in Vancouver. This will be a great concert and by then the hockey playoffs will be over and (hopefully) the Canucks will have won!!
Aya Larsen (Vancouver, BC) - June 14th, 2011 Jon, really looking forward to seeing you and your show in Vancouver. Am back from Beijing to catch it (and Canucks). It's been so long. See you soon! Aya.
Jana Rust (Parksville, BC) - June 12th, 2011 It was a truly breath taking experience to see you play in Errington last night! Your love for music was unmistakable despite the jet leg and the passion with which you guys played made me smile several times throughout the evening. Jon u're a truly funny guy...ur wit and spontaneity when u were introducing the songs made the evening a complete heart-warming experience.
Hopefully I'll be seeing more of you as my husband and I happen to be moving to Montreal this fall :)
Steph (Vancouver, BC) - June 12th, 2011 So good last night JonJon! Wish I could come on tour with you :P heh. next time if it's not during exams I'm coming with you. We need Exhibit C on CD!!
Alex (Vancouver, BC) - June 12th, 2011 When is Exhibit C going to be on CD?
Rod (Parksville, BC) - June 12th, 2011 Just wanted to say Thank You guys so much for a truly wonderful experience, to do sound for. It was a great show last night in Errington. You made it a most amazing emotional evening. If you get a chance to see them perform, I well recommend you get off you butts and go see, listen and experience!
Lee (Parksville, BC) - June 12th, 2011 What a magical evening. The Jon Day Exhibit Trio is an amazing compilation of extraordinary talent. Thank you for making Errington your first B.C. stop.
Les and Dave (Nanoose Bay, BC) - June 12th, 2011 Thanks for a great show in Errington Hall! We all enjoyed it so much -thanks for braving the jet lag and coming to BC. We hope to see much more of you! Have a great tour!
Ted (Parksville, BC) - June 12th, 2011 Invited out by a friend to watch you. Turned out we got to watch future super stars perform a cool gig in Errington. You guys rock. Feel privileged to have been there. Great performance. Good luck with the tour.
wc (Canada) - June 8th, 2011 Simply brilliant. Simply too good.
Geneviève (Sherbrooke, QC) - June 8th, 2011 J'aime....okay je vais voir un show...!!
Danielle Gauthier (Nanaimo, BC) - June 7th, 2011 I'm looking forward to your show in Errington!
Jamie (Vancouver, BC) - May 30th, 2011 Can't wait for your performance in Wise Hall!
donna sinclair (Vancouver, BC) - May 30th, 2011 your talent is amazing Jon...but I always knew it was...
tadhg (Vancouver, BC) - May 28th, 2011 just bought a ticket for your Vancouver gig...cannot wait!
Jay (Halifax, NS) - May 23rd, 2011 Your music is amazing and inspiring. I bought Exhibit B on iTunes almost immediately after hearing Pity, and it was worth every penny, and more. I'd like to show your music to some of my non-Canadian friends, I know they'd love you. Could you put more of your stuff on youtube or something?
Rebecca (North Vancouver, BC) - May 17th, 2011 Jon, your music is so hauntingly beautiful, especially these two videos, makes me think of E.E. Cumming poems in song. Can't wait to see you perform in Vancouver and someone close to you has promised I get to meet you personally! Your amazing!
derek (London, United Kingdom) - May 15th, 2011 Jon - you're incredible! Really enjoyed the videos. Wish I was in Vancouver for your Wise Hall performance - tear it up!
lucy (Toronto, ON) - May 15th, 2011 i get goosebumps watching your videos
performance is so pure and tasty
dates in montreal and vancouver i see
come to toronto! please!
Christopher (Maple Ridge, BC) - May 15th, 2011 A long way from Justin Knight and the "Smiling Buddha Cabaret" you as always Jon. I will look toward a night of sound and flatted 5ths in June at the Jazz festival in Vancouver. Hoping that you'll bring "our B-3". You are simply a "super nova" bringing light to any and all having the inclination to be touched by a musician with a gift who keeps on giving!
Chris W (Surrey, BC) - May 14th, 2011 Awesome dude. Looking forward to your show at the Wise Hall!
May (Brooklyn, NY) - May 13th, 2011 I smell a Juno nomination...
Kurt (Toronto, ON) - May 13th, 2011 Keep it up Jon. Sounds great!
Mark (Toronto, ON) - May 13th, 2011 Daytime. This is outstanding.
Monica (Montreal, QC) - May 11th, 2011 Always moving and inspiring. Thank you Jon. Beautiful playing all around.
Chet (Montreal, QC) - May 11th, 2011 Beautiful Jon. Great writing.
Sophie (Montreal, QC) - May 9th, 2011 Can't wait to see you live again!
Mireille Tawfik (Montreal, QC) - May 4th, 2011 Wow! I was working on my computer and I put the Vue sur la releve compilation to listen to it for the first time. And as soon as your song started, I stopped, to see WOW WHO IS THIS?! Amazing sound man! Wow! All the best! I was part of the Festival, Face de Râ and presented my play Marche comme une Égyptienne! I missed your show, but will definitely keep track of what your doing. Simply amazing and unique sound!
Gone (Roberts Creek, BC) - April 27th, 2011 YES! Vancouver. Finally I will get to see this legend LIVE! Thank you Jon, your music is amazing. Cannot wait to hear the next Exhibit.
Alex Day (Vancouver, BC) - April 27th, 2011 Can't wait to see you perform in Vancouver!
Eric Lemieux (Val-David, QC) - April 17th, 2011 Thank you so much for yesterday Jon, such a pleasure to have you. Your music and the way you and your band deliver it.... brilliant! Hope to see you back in Val David soon.
Denise Pelletier (Quebec, QC) - April 17th, 2011 Thank you Jon Day for the great evening, beautiful music!!
Tina Tremblay (Mirabel, QC) - April 17th, 2011 Wow, quelle belle soirée j'ai passé hier soir au mouton noir de Val-David. Braver la mauvaise température en valait grandement la peine. J'ai acheté votre album et Jon, tu m'as demandé si je préférais attendre après le spectacle. Je t'ai répondu que ce que j'avais entendu au spectacle de Ian Kelly et les extraits sur ton site me suffisais. Je te le confirme, je l'adore, je l'écoute en boucle depuis hier.
Merci beaucoup Jon, Morgan et Mark.
Bon succès
Jonathan (Montreal, QC) - April 17th, 2011 Hey Jon, I just want to let you know that people really enjoyed the film in which I used your song "Girl" . It was a great success! Thank you!
benjamin (Sarasota, FL) - April 16th, 2011 effortless..... insanely good
Angela (Laval, QC) - April 15th, 2011 love your music keep it up
Sara (Whistler, BC) - April 15th, 2011 Yes!!!!!!!! According to your facebook you're coming to BC!!! I REALLLLLY hope it's true. Saw you featured at the movies awhile back and fell in love. Can't say there's anything quite like you out there. I MUST see you live!!!
PS the youtube video is truly mind boggling! COME OUT TO BC!
Chantal Gemme (Ste-Julie, QC) - April 12th, 2011 Bonjour Jon,

Comme la plupart des gens, nous t'avons découvert au spectacle de Yan (Il y a 2 ans). On était 6 personnes et lorsque nous t'avons entendu!!! J'ai eu des frissons tout de suite. On s'est tous dit: Si il fait un spectacle, on va le voir c'est sûr. C'est ce que nous avons fait le 8 avril à St-Hyacinthe. C'était merveilleux comme spectacle et très intime. Tu as une voix spéciale qui sait nous toucher. C'est une soirée que nous n'oublierons pas et merci d'avoir pris une photo avec moi. C'est un magnifique souvenir qui me restera très très longtremps. On retournera te voir c'est sûr et on a hâte que ton nouvel album sorte, il est déjà vendu...:) Ta chanson du 2 ième album est superbe alors j'imagine le reste.
Continue ton super travail toi et ton équipe qui sont aussi super bons et qui ne faut pas oublier !!!
Michael Captain Nash (Toronto, ON) - April 10th, 2011 come to toronto! I first heard of you in a interview I saw at the movie theater, I would absolutely love to see you live in toronto!
Valéry Colas (QC) - April 10th, 2011 Thanks for the show yesterday night... It was fun to finally see the trio on stage doing a whole show. Thanks again for playing Saturday for us... Hope to see you guys soon!
Stephanie Crete (Sherbrooke, QC) - April 9th, 2011 Merci pour le show d'hier. Daniel Bélanger disait Sortez-moi de moi et bien ça m'est arrivé hier grâce à ton univers musical. J'ai l'impression d'avoir fait un tour dans ta tête et d'avoir en partie compris la mienne ;-) Une magnigique folie, un bordel ordonné, de la pure émotion... I just hope to see you again soon, in Sherbrooke maybe.. we'll work for it. See ya !
Emilie (Montreal, QC) - April 8th, 2011 Magnifique!
Ouss Mezher (Montreal, QC) - April 7th, 2011 A heavenly voice
Infinit divine (El Paso, TX) - April 4th, 2011 Amazing music..rock on.
FranKy (USA) - April 4th, 2011 Pity givez me the chills. It is a Great song. No doubt..Godbless.
Katina Binette (Repentigny, QC) - April 3rd, 2011 Hier soir à Lavaltrie, merci pour l'intensité, l'authencité. tout simplement sublime !
Jacinthe Cousineau (Lavaltrie, QC) - April 3rd, 2011 merci beaucoup pour le beau spectacle et votre charmant accueil à la chasse-galerie, toujours un plaisir...
Audrey Duchesne (Québec, QC) - March 31st, 2011 Merci!
Joyce (Parksville, BC) - March 29th, 2011 Lovely video capturing the magic of the evening....wish I could take in the upcoming concerts...all the best...will be there in spirit.
Thank you for the beautiful music Jon.
Shar (Calgary, AB) - March 24th, 2011 Love the new site and Pity live performance...
kweku (Brooklyn, NY) - March 24th, 2011 noFun makes it Amazing!
Sounds beautiful with the strings and great video.
Chris Forbes (Fryeburg, ME) - March 23rd, 2011 I love this new video of Pity. It's just awesome!!!!
David Black (North Vancouver, BC) - March 22nd, 2011 Fantastic and original worth going to the concert if I were in Montreal we would definitely go. Deserves to be a Grammy winner!
Lynne Ter Metz (Montreal, QC) - March 18th, 2011 Can't wait to see you at Vue Sur la Relève
Roger (Trois-rivières, QC) - March 15th, 2011 Je vous ai vu à votre spectacle à Maskinongé et c'était super et à revoir le 7 avril à t.rivières
Mel (Montreal, QC) - March 14th, 2011 I saw you with Ian on Saturday. Bought your CD. A revelation. I will definitely be there on April 14th...
Valéry Colas (Montréal, QC) - March 13th, 2011 Excellent first part and show yesterday... see you soon with your trio...
Gilbert Roy (Montreal, QC) - March 10th, 2011 Awesome discovery, thanks Ge... can't wait for April 14th !
Kate Lynd (Oakville, ON) - March 9th, 2011 you got me through the hardest times of my life Thank you for being you! <3
Sylvia Hunter (Charlesbourg, QC) - March 5th, 2011 You were great last night!! Always a pleasure to hear you, with or without Ian...
Ted (Burnaby, BC) - March 4th, 2011 I love your music , so catchy....when are you coming to Vancouver?! So fresh to hear something so real and non contrived! Love your voice, reminds me of early Bowie but more jazzy and passionate. Right on, get out to Vancouver! Ted
Naomi Desiderius - March 3rd, 2011 I just wrote 4 chapters of a novel I'm working on while listening and re-listening to "Pity." Your song, your beautiful, tragic voice set the aura perfectly. Thank you ♥
Michael Kotrly (Toronto, ON) - February 27th, 2011 On a hard day at work, hearing "Pity" on my iPod today brought me a degree of calm...
Alex (Toronto, ON) - February 24th, 2011 Come to TORONTO, Anisa and I would love to watch you live!!
Sarah (Toronto, ON) - February 21st, 2011 Heard about your interview that plays at the movies before the actual movie start! LOL...congrats! Am so glad to see you doing well.
Pascale Léger (QC) - February 20th, 2011 Will you come back in sherbrooke or magog soon? :)
TheRingleader (London, ON) - February 19th, 2011 Hello,
I heard of you from an ad in the movies actually ..
And I can't help but say your music had enticed me quite a bit. You are an amazing artist Jon.
Richard Ma (Richmond, BC) - February 19th, 2011 Hi, is this the Jon Day from Sentinel? If yes, then this is Richard Ma! Do you remember me?
dear (Montreal, QC) - February 15th, 2011 love your sound! it's a very clean, clear sound that appeals to a lot of people. lyrics are great!!
Diana Maria Murray (Toronto, ON) - February 14th, 2011 ‎...great sound...when are you hitting T'ron'o?
breezy (Victoria, BC) - February 13th, 2011 I came across your music at the movie theater actually, and I love it! Your voice is so pure, melodic, and completly your own all at the same time.
Audrey-Anne (Cowansville, QC) - February 13th, 2011 hi, I was at your show yesterday night and i came to see you after for cello. I guess you have my e-mail now!!! You really do wonderful things!!
audrey (Pierrefonds, QC) - February 9th, 2011 Your songs are amazing, please come to montreal. xo
popo (Ottawa, ON) - February 6th, 2011 when are you coming to ottawa! You should come to ottawa!!!
Sonja Schollenberger (Toronto, ON) - February 5th, 2011 toronto show? (please.)
trystan g-m (New Zealand) - February 4th, 2011 Fantastic Jon! Caitlin put me on to your music. You talent is spreading to New Zealand...
steph's friend.. (Vancouver, BC) - February 3rd, 2011 i go to school with your sister.. i think
Vicky (Vancouver, BC) - February 3rd, 2011 Hi Jon, I came across your website a couple of days ago and can't stop playing your songs!!! I'm a fan!
Ronny Bernatchez (Montreal, QC) - January 22nd, 2011 Great show Jon yesterday, une belle decouverte pour moi
Sylvie Fiset (Québec, QC) - January 16th, 2011 Il y aurait un évènement à ajouter. Le 31 mars, au centre d'Art La Chapelle, Québec. Nous avons nos billets.
Nicolassa (Quebec, QC) - December 22nd, 2010 Bonjour John Day, je reconnais tes chansons, car, tu participes toujours aux spectacles de Ian Kelly.
Becca (Vancouver, BC) - November 25th, 2010 Jon, you don't know me but I have had the pure pleasure of landing one of your CDs and I was blown away listening to it. I got the shivers hearing your amazing voice, it effected me deeply. I am an instant fan!
Your lyrics are so clever and remind me much of Lenard Cohen. I tried to make a list of who you reminded me of in an attempt to discribe you to someone but ended up crossing them all out and writing "Jon" across it!
Can't wait till you come to Vancouver :):) Rebecca
Nicolas Jobin (Québec, QC) - November 25th, 2010 Constat post-Casbah: le nouveau répertoire est riche, riche, riche. Et l'ancien devient si maîtrisé qu'il frôle la perfection. Vraiment, Jon, merci. Merci.
Audrey Duchesne (Québec, QC) - November 25th, 2010 Une semaine plus tard, je plane toujours sur cette magnifique prestation offerte à la Casbah. Magical moment. Thanks.
Pascal (Toronto, ON) - November 19th, 2010 Merveilleux !!! Prodigieux !! Un excellent spectacle à Québec !!!
Maude Laperrière (Montreal, QC) - November 6th, 2010 Wow! your music! So organic. Welcome Exhibit C. Longue vie à Jon Day!
stephanie (Pierrefonds, QC) - November 6th, 2010 I was at the show at the Sala Rossa yesterday in Montreal. I'm still under the spell. Awesome show. Can't wait to see you again.
Rick Pleau (Montreal, QC) - November 6th, 2010 Great show last night Jon...really enjoyed your songs ♫
syvlie et Yves (Saint-raymond, QC) - November 4th, 2010 Quelle virtuosité ! nous étions à Pont-Rouge samedi dernier. Quelle découverte. Vraiment impressionnant

Yves et Sylvie
Seth von Cable (Vancouver, BC) - November 3rd, 2010 Wow, it just keeps getting better and better. Great to hear some cellos in there :)
Andrew (Vancouver, BC) - November 2nd, 2010 i love fantasy! catchy chorus!
Denise (Montreal, QC) - November 2nd, 2010 J'adore ton style, je vais te revoir c'est sûre! Merci de nous donner des nouvelles!!
Monica (Taipei, Taiwan) - November 1st, 2010 If I could afford to, I would fly from Taipei to Montreal to catch this show. There's no excuse to miss this if you're in town. Every time, it keeps getting better and better.
Anissa (Pont-rouge, QC) - November 1st, 2010 Très bon show à Pont-Rouge samedi. Tu as énormément de talent... Un beau voyage musical!
Angèle (Montreal, QC) - October 27th, 2010 I am SOOOOOO excited for the concert on November 5th! you are ridiculously talented and your music is so inspired... THANK YOU for making my CD collection that much better!
Andrew (Burnaby, BC) - October 22nd, 2010 keep it up jon!
jadmav (Montreal, QC) - October 20th, 2010 Amazing talent! What a nice surprise to be opening for Ian Kelly in Waterloo last week. Love your album as well!
stéphane (Magog, QC) - October 18th, 2010 Salut Jon
Saw you opening for Ian Kelly saturday night at Maison de la Culture de Waterloo
Tu as été toute une découverte pour moi.
J'adore ce que tu fais, lâche pas. J'ai déjà hâte au prochain show.
Jennifer Tinkler (Waterloo, QC) - October 16th, 2010 Awesome show last night with Ian. Thank you!
Anik Perle (Montreal, QC) - October 10th, 2010 Merci pour les deux prestations d'hier au Mouton Noir!! J'ai beaucoup apprécié! Bonne chance dans tous tes projets!!!
Denise (Montreal, QC) - October 10th, 2010 Je trouve ton style très envoutant et j'ai adoré ta prestation hier au Mouton Noir et merci encore d'avoir autographié mon CD. A bientôt
Julie Lévesque (Verdun, QC) - October 9th, 2010 Merci Jon de faire ce que tu fais... comme tu le fais.
Gonas (Hannibal) (Edmonton, AB) - October 9th, 2010 So excited for the next Exhibit Jon. Your music is absolutely amazing, I love it. Wish I could be there for the concert....let me know when it's available on disc!!
Alex (Vancouver, BC) - October 7th, 2010 Me too!
Jamie (Vancouver, BC) - October 4th, 2010 I wanna go to Exhibit C!
chantal (pas de E) (Quebec, QC) - October 3rd, 2010 Jon merci! d'avoir autographié mon album à québec le 30 sept 2010. Je t'écoute dans ma voiture et j'ai ta musique dans la tête le reste de la journée...quel talent! pity c'est...un vrai coup de coeur dès la première écoute...j'adore +++
Nancy Létourneau (Quebec, QC) - October 1st, 2010 Excellent! Bravo!! Je suis chanceuse d'avoir eu une première ce soir.... tu as beaucoup de talent!!! :-)
Catherine Hardy (Quebec, QC) - October 1st, 2010 Fais nous signe quand tu reviens à quebec on ira te revoir c'est certain!
Ben (Montreal, QC) - September 25th, 2010 Love your music and WOW I just read that your Exhibit C concert on Nov 5th @ Sala will be with a real string quartet! Just got my tix!
gonas (Berlin, 16, Germany) - September 22nd, 2010 when is exhibit c gonna be ready?? You should commission 2 or 3 remixers for the first single. Seriously. I volunteer.
Amy Mor (Magog, QC) - August 24th, 2010 I also really liked what you did in Magog....Thanks for sharing it with us ...and Ill be pushing for ya for a great futur....Talent like this needs to be seen.
Michel Dufour (Magog, QC) - August 23rd, 2010 Hi Jon:
Just love your music play last night in Magog.
Best of luck for your carreer. I bought your CD.
Vicky Pelchat (Magog, QC) - August 23rd, 2010 La chanson pity, hier au vieux clocher de magog... tout à fait génial!!! J'avais oublié ton album à la maison, j'aurais beaucoup aimé te la faire autographier, meilleur chance la prochaine fois lolll!!!
Geneviève Fontaine (St-Donat, QC) - August 21st, 2010 je suis aller vous voir à st-Donat et j'ai adorer le spectacle La toune pity! :)))) super voix!
Chantal Bellavance (Montreal, QC) - August 2nd, 2010 I love your songs. I really do!
Zouzoutte (Saint Georges, 04, Belgium) - July 27th, 2010 Hi Jon,
we saw you at Francofolies in Belgium last weekend with Ian Kelly. It was really great to discover your voices. Unknown to us before but really appreciated now.
Please continue!!
Sheila Q. (Sherbrooke, QC) - May 12th, 2010 Jon Day,
Your round sounds blow my mind!!!!

Kathy Langlois (Trois-rivières, QC) - May 8th, 2010 What a good show you did tonight with Ian Kelly at Trois-Rivières. Even if you have only one shirt ;-) don't worry, you have more important: the talent ! Be yourself!
Isabelle Debove (Montréal, QC) - April 28th, 2010 très belle musique, très belle voix ! :-) j'aime !
BranJ (Mississauga, ON) - March 4th, 2010 You should come and play a show in the Toronto area! Your music is awesome
Amélie (Longueuil, QC) - February 28th, 2010 Bonjour Jon,
je t'ai vu, mais surtout entendu au Show de Ian a l' suis retournée vous voir le 25 février en espérant avoir la chance de te réentendre en première partie. J'ai ton album depuis le premier show et l'ai fait découvrir à des amis...dès que tu chantes l'émotion et l'énergie qui se dégage de toi nous touchent intensément...bref...merci de nous faire vivre ça!!
Au plaisir de te voir encore bientôt!
andrea (Greenfield Park, QC) - February 28th, 2010 Gorgeous sound...
Dominique (Montreal, QC) - February 26th, 2010 Jon Day, nom que je connais depuis hier seulement. Je vais m'adresser à toi puisque c'est ton site... J'avais l'impression que tu ne voulais pas qu'on te voit mais dès que tu ouvres la bouche pour chanter, tes tripes explosent et le sang gicle partout dans la salle et nous rappelle que nous sommes vivants ! Ça fait du bien cette intensité et j'aime comment tu t'amuse avec la musique...
Maryline (Sherbrooke, QC) - February 14th, 2010 Je suis vraiment contente d'avoir découvert hier soir un autre artiste qui fait un style de musique que j'adore. Merci pour avoir chanter une de tes chansons au show de magog avec Ian Kelly!
GORGIA Evénements (Lille, France) - February 10th, 2010 "Pity" ça le fait ! ;)
bonjour de France
Fern (Manchester, UK) - February 7th, 2010 Wow...
Jon Day is the organ player player on Emilie Simon's latest studio album The Big Machine!
Also love your music. Bravo!
marilune (Chicoutimi, QC) - February 6th, 2010 Cher Jon,
Que dire? J'ai été touché par ta présence sur scène, mais tellement par ta chanson. Tu es unique!
Merci pour ce passage avec Ian Kelly (qui est si bon!) à Chicoutimi!

Dear Jon,
What can I say? I was touched (and I'm still touch) by your presence on stage and so much touched by your song. There's nobody like you!
Thank's for the show with Ian Kelly (qui est si bon!) at Chicoutimi!!!!
Nathalie (Quebec, QC) - February 5th, 2010 Tellement de talent ! J'ai découvert Jon au spectacle de Ian Kelly au Centre d'art La Chapelle...Je suis tout simplement sous le charme de cet artiste avec une voix incroyable. Je me suis procuré le c.d et devinez ? Il me suit partout ! Auto. Ipod....Merci, merci et encore merci pour cette belle soirée et cette découverte
Jim (Dolbeau, QC) - February 4th, 2010 J'arrive tout juste de voir Ian et Jon en spectacle au note café, beaucoup de talents! Quelle voix ce jon! Il vit ses chansons à 120%! C'est un gars à découvrir!
Michel Dechamplain (Québec, QC) - February 4th, 2010 Wow! Belle découverte pour moi ce soir à Québec ! J'adore ta voix, tu es vraiment talentueux! Beaucoup de charisme!!!
andrew (Vancouver, BC) - January 31st, 2010 awesome album!
john thompson (Vancouver, BC) - January 31st, 2010 amazingly talented jon so pleased i discovered you jon
Isabelle (St-Hyacinthe, QC) - January 18th, 2010 Je suis allez voir le show d'Anastasia Friedman,(à St-Hyacinthe, vendredi le 15 janvier) qu'elle fut ma surprise de voir qu'il y avait Ian Kelly d'ajouter à ce spectacle. Je ne le connaissais pas du tout quel révélation mais le meilleur était à suivre car j'ai entendu un merveilleux et talentueux Jon Day. WOW quel voix, j'ai acheté tout de suite l'album et je n'ai pas été déçu
Mylène (Brossard, QC) - January 17th, 2010 J'ai découvert Jon au show de Ian kelly à St-hyacinthe vendredi dernier. C'est une découverte qui gagnera à se faire connaître! Talentueux et rafraîchissant.
Carley (Vancouver, BC) - December 10th, 2009 Jon - I've been listening to your cd for a year now. It is by far my fav tunes to dance around my place. Can't get enough!!! Growing up with you, I'd always known you'd do something phenomenal, but it gives me goosebumps to know just how many people you're affecting with your talent. I love it... you'll always be on my radar. xox
Stephanie Bouchard (Montreal, QC) - December 6th, 2009 Great discovery I made at Ian's show last nigth. Really love the sound of your music.
golden (Montreal, QC) - December 5th, 2009 jon your the sh*t. who mixes this stuff anyway, its killin!
Sophie Boily (Montreal, QC) - December 5th, 2009 Quelle belle découverte j'ai faite hier soir! Merci pour ta belle sensibilité et ta présence! Une fan déjà presque finie! Hahaha! ;o)
JM Vancouver (Vancouver, BC) - December 3rd, 2009 The YouTube broadcast will hopefully get you closer to the major launch you deserve. A very special talent and once the world hears you will fly.
Jessica (Quebec, QC) - November 5th, 2009 hey jon on c vue au resto vietnamien avant le show ..j'ai adoré comment tu chante et que tu joue sur ton clavier moi et mes amies on a trippé te voir à Trois-rivières surment qu'on va venir te voir le 17 novembre au zénob cheers et à la prochaine
QW (Richmond, BC) - November 4th, 2009 you are the ultimate cantilever
Stéphanie (Labelle, QC, ) - October 11th, 2009 Jon...J'ai trippé te regarder jouer du clavier au spectacle de Ian Kelly..saint-Iréné...t'a une prestance !!! C'est sûr que je vais aller te revoir en show et j'ai très très hâte de revivre l'expérience !!!
Geneviève Côté (Outremont, QC) - September 29th, 2009 I'm working while listening to Exhibit B and really enjoying it.
tund (Montreal, QC) - August 20th, 2009 Jon. I don't want to be a name dropper but when I saw you assisting Martin Girard, the great photographer from Montreal who did a shoot for CDOT near the Sequoia Grill in Stanley Park near Granville Island near West Van, I was amazed by your determination to sing all kind of songs. Wow. Your voice is like a real singer. I lok forward to ear you from my own ears soon.

Best regards,
DD (Baie-comeau, QC) - July 20th, 2009 Spectacle Havre Saint Pierre avec Ian Kelly, j'ai fait une nouvelle découverte....j'ai aimé le style, la musique et la voix. J'ai acheté l'album que je viens de finir d'écouter! je suis impressionnée! j'allais voir un chanteur que je connaissais et je suis devenue fan d'un autre! Bonne chance!
Emilie (Sept-Îles, QC) - July 19th, 2009 I just saw you a few hours ago in Port-Cartier with Ian Kelly. I was extremely impressed and I was drawn to you. You're so intense when you play piano and sing. I'm so glad I went to see that show and discovered such a talented musicien and singer. Keep on doing what you do. I'm a new fan ;)
Karen (Lac-St-Jean, QC) - July 18th, 2009 Looking forward to your show tonight!
KC Root (Fryeburg, MN) - June 10th, 2009 you should know you have a very enthusiastic following in Fryeburg, Maine via Chris Forbes... you rock :)
PG (Vaudreuil, QC) - May 29th, 2009 Jon, you gave me your CD for free last night at the Lion D'or... I need to see you cause your music is worth being paid for... i ow you 20 box!!!
Petal (Vancouver, BC) - May 28th, 2009 WHO IS THIS GUY?

That's what I asked in my Doctor's office. I love your music and will forward my taste to all who will "listen". Jon's style is unique and mature; belying his 25 years. He sounds like he's done a lot of living...or maybe that was in his last life?
Aline St-Denis (Montreal, QC) - May 4th, 2009 I saw you with Ian Kelly at the Savoy and Gesu Theater. Thank you! :)
Manon (Montreal, QC) - April 19th, 2009 I did not see you after the show in Lavaltrie last night!
See you at the Gesù concert!
Manon (Montreal, QC) - April 3rd, 2009 Thank You Jon for your music and your kindness. :)
Eniwah (Montréal, QC) - April 3rd, 2009 Merci pour le show de Sorel! Un délice! Cheers!
Stéphanie L. (Sorel, QC) - April 3rd, 2009 Une découverte musicale empreinte de sensibilité...L'originalité, la créativité qui sortent des sentiers battus.
Etienne (Montréal, QC) - March 29th, 2009 the show last week at O Patro Vys was AMAZING !!
JL (Verdun, QC) - March 28th, 2009 Salut Jon,
Merci de faire ce que tu fais aussi bien que tu le fais.

Tu es vraiment un artiste impressionnant, j'espère que bientôt tu seras reconnu pour toute la valeur de ton travail.

Lâche pas et bonne chance pour ce qui s'en vient!

Alex (Vancouver, BC) - March 24th, 2009 Oh, and good luck with your concert!
Alex (Vancouver, BC) - March 24th, 2009 Great album! I commented on iTunes as well! Cool website!
petebed (Montreal, QC) - March 24th, 2009 hey jon !

i'll try to catch you guys at the Patro Vys tomorrow...

take care,

kay (Vancouver, BC) - March 13th, 2009 shinin
Kevin Fallis (Montreal, QC) - March 7th, 2009 Hey Jon,
Hope all is well. You put on one hell of a show a couple months ago!
All the best,
Ross Macdonald (Victoria, BC) - March 7th, 2009 Hey Jon, I caught the end of your release on the radio and was blown away when they said it was you! The album sounds great, I just downloaded it on iTunes!
Marika (Montreal, QC) - February 21st, 2009 Thanks again for sharing your music with us last night at Gesu. The CD will be shipped to me soon :)
Jamie (Vancouver, BC) - February 17th, 2009 Wow, this is cool. I think Pity is a good song. Hope you can join us in Vancouver, Jon Jon.
Treva (Portland, OR) - February 9th, 2009 Jon!! You sound amazing! I'm speechless. Your music is incredible and your voice is totally commanding. Great work Jon. Wow.
henri (Edmonton, AB) - February 5th, 2009 so much on your cd is as good as it gets anywhere jon.
loved cantilever, straight from heaven.
your piano pieces, haunting.
can only say thank you!
jo (Burnaby, BC) - February 5th, 2009 Jon Jon, amazing, powerful, soulful performance! Brilliant and pure pleasure to hear music from heaven delivered with passion and heart! Love your CD. Cannot wait to attend another performance, Vancouver is waiting!
Captain Jack (Lac St-jean, QC) - January 26th, 2009 Congratulations Jon, "Exhibit B" is on the way for the best... to come.
P.S. : Don't think I'm too old to appreciate what your brain is building "Day" after "Day"... Ah Ah Ah. Good luck fellow
English Fans (Chinnor, United Kingdom) - January 18th, 2009 Received copy of CD for Xmas - really amazing - what a talent!
When are you coming to England?
Jennifer (Seattle, WA) - January 12th, 2009 Beautiful music and I love your CD. Been playing it nonstop because it feels good and I'm gonna to listen to it right now in fact.
BAPTiSTE (Montreal, QC) - January 10th, 2009 I caught the launch on CBC radio. It was minty fresh - the type of flawless performance that makes the rest of us rather envious, to be honest.

Upwards and onwards. All the best -

trish (Montreal, QC) - January 10th, 2009 I really like your work.

you have an amazing voice and great talent!

David (Vancouver, BC) - January 8th, 2009 This was a great live show, we heard it on CBC Radio 2 on Sunday and were stunned. When/where is your next concert?
Shelly (Winnipeg, MB) - January 8th, 2009 hello! we heard your concert on CBC radio on the weekend as we were having dinner and boy that was a wonderful performance! we loved the last song Cantilever and just ordered your album. keep up the great music.
Alan (Oxford, England) - December 25th, 2008 Great album - we are listening to it again - best Christmas present!
Love from us all
Kate (Vermont) - November 5th, 2008 This show was more than brilliant. I'm so happy we were able to attend and get copies of the cd! Many thanks Jon and be in touch!
May (Montreal, QC) - October 25th, 2008 Jon, what an amazing show on Wednesday!! Congratulations on all the hard work you put into it! #1 fan yo!
Steve Amirault (Montreal, QC) - October 21st, 2008 hey jon, congratulations on your cd, what i've heard so far sounds great. talk soon steve
Sylvain Bertrand (Montreal, QC) - October 20th, 2008 Salut!!
J'ai prévu aller à ton lancement! J'ai écouté les extraits et j'ai vraiment adoré! J'ai hâte de voir ça LIVE!!!!!!!
Alors à mercredi!
Laila Biali (New York, NY) - October 17th, 2008 Sounds great! I wish I could be there.. and FAB poster, by the way!
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