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Jon Day / Exhibit B


Lyrics by Jon Day

(from Exhibit B)

you wake up late on a saturday
with the heart so deep you could dive away
and could it be a reaching from the heavens?
shake yourself it's something in the air

you make your way downstairs
you take that walk down memory lane
the little ones all around are singing lovely songs
to tell you it's ok
but nothing ever lasts
while your alone down memory lane

you raise your family
raise your family
and raise

oh your family is here and has come now to proclaim
when loving undercover will an emptyness remain

you raise on

and oh the cringe
cause your heart is caving in
and you've got to know good heavens oh that
something there is sunken deep within
let me help you, let me help you

you woke up late that saturday
the heart so deep you just dove away
slowly oh but surely it will hit you
what it really means to be alone
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