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Jon Day / Exhibit B


Lyrics by Jon Day

(from Exhibit B)

oh, well you park your eyes
on that extraordinary smile
and smile drives over
brushing against your shoulder
as shoulder gets a taste of style

knees they wager
your in danger of
losing all control

so in her cheeky cheer
smile drops into gear
she'll be up on more champagne

your elbow's hiding
hip's colliding
as right foot slippy slides into your lane

and when your wheels are wet
such sudden sways from head to toe
will see your bodies wrecked, behold
this is the girl

and you close your eyes
as that extraordinary smile
comes inching closer
turns you over and
tows you for that extra mile

arms embracing
tongues are tasting
rosy cheeks aglow
this is the girl
this is the girl
this is your girl
this is your girl
this is your girl
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